A Fast Stress-Free House Selling Solution

Sell your property to a Qualified Private Investor.

For homeowners in the Salt lake valley, the fastest and easiest way to sell a home at a fair price, is to sell to a qualified private investor. An investor like Altamira Properties LLC can make offers directly to homeowners without contingencies and because of robust financial backing, is able to successfully close on the purchase very quickly. We are able to purchase a houses in record time; bought with cash as quickly as seven days.

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• Home owners do not have to make repairs to their property in order to sell it.

• There is no long drawn-out waiting period for bank approvals.

• Sellers pay NO commissions or closing costs.

• And unlike conventional selling, home owners have totally flexible move-out dates.

A Realtors Best Friend

Need t sell quickly? There can be situations such as probate, or sudden relocation, which makes it impractical or impossible to make necessary repairs to the home. Many times, there are situations where there is a danger of imminent foreclosure and bank repossession of a property. We can save the house and still guarantee agents their commission.

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