About Us


Altamira Properties LLC is a residential redevelopment company helping Salt Lake Valley homeowners who have may have difficulty selling their home the conventional way and /or want a quick, convenient sale of their house. When they buy houses in the Salt Lake Valley, they are able to provide home owners immediate solutions to their problems with fast cash offers.

  Eric Arredondo is the owner of Altamira Properties LLC; he has been involved in residential renovations along the Wasatch Front for more than a decade. He is driven by his uncompromising attention to detail and quality remodels; he is also committed to maximizing energy efficiency of all the properties.

Altamira Properties LLC  profits from the renovation of properties to their highest and best utilization. Using sustainable Eco-friendly renovation methods and installing energy-efficient updates is only the beginning.  Redesigning floor plans, and /or adding functionality with additional bathrooms, etc. are the norm for all restorations. Adhering to these high-quality standards, bring superior value to the properties, and to the surrounding neighborhoods while helping to preserve a more healthful environment in the Salt Lake Valley.