Green Utah Real Estate

Sustainable Utah Real Estate / The Green Remodel

Altamira Properties LLC is leading the way in green Utah Real Estate. We are committed to a better environment and therefore all of our remodels are done with green building practices in mind and our properties are designed to exceed standards for energy-efficient, ecologically friendly housing.

As the population of the Salt Lake Valley grows, so does our impact in the environment grow, the amount of yellow and red alert days due to airborne pollution in the valley keeps increasing every year. It is not too late to reverse this trend, by reducing demand on natural resources; we can help keep pollutants down in the Salt Lake Valley.

A great first step is to minimize our energy use, easily achieved by doing something as simple as switching to energy-efficient light bulbs. In addition to helpingĀ the environment, there are also economic benefits, one Energy Star rated light-bulb can pay for itself in about six months, and can save the homeowner $40.00 or more dollars over its lifetime. People can get a sense of pride by taking an active role in making the Salt Lake Valley a cleaner and healthier place to live.

Altamira Properties LLC is committed to leading on this important undertaking.

As we continue purchasing and rehabbing houses in the Salt Lake Valley, we will be incorporating high-efficiency building best practices. High efficiency means the property will operate at optimum efficiency while spending less on energy.

We install high efficiency double pane windows on all our rehabs; we use recycled materials whenever available, including full attic insulation. We also install-high efficiency heating and air-conditioning systems, and appliances, as well as ENERGY STAR qualified light bulbs on all fixtures. As energy sources become ever scarcer and prices rise, we will save the buyers of our properties many thousands of dollars over time.

Knowing that building construction consumes a high degree of resources, we are dedicated to the idea of achieving greater sustainability in our construction processes as well. We recycle many materials and contribute to the local Habitat for Humanity; diverting these materials from our landfill, protecting the environment, and helping to keep Salt Lake Valley’s air clean for our children.